African Redemption Initiative

African Redemption Initiative

The African Redemption Initiative (ARI) is a response from the African Diaspora that is aimed at providing an answer to the challenges of Africa, with a view of reinstating her to the rightful place of dignity and leadership within the family of nations and re-uniting the African Family. We hope to achieve this objective by coordinating our efforts with individuals, organizations and nation states who have demonstrated genuine interest in African unity and development. Accordingly, we intend to establish African Redemption Tours, the African Redemption Foundation/Fund and a network of African Redemption Centres as pillars and mechanisms of our initiative.

African Redemption Tours

We will coordinate tours within the six regions of Africa, which includes the African Diaspora as mandated by the African Union (AU). The proceeds of these ventures will help to finance the activities of the ARI and the funds generated will not be repatriated from the African continent. Several artistes and other cultural practitioners from all around the world have already pledged their support for the African Redemption Tours.

African Redemption Foundation/Fund

This foundation, which is the operational arm of the ARI, will be sustained by funds generated by the tours and merchandising as well as other cultural products, goods and services that are consistent with our efforts.

The ARI is now in an embryonic state of networking and consensus building but in due time will be governed by an executive comprising a male and female president, a male and female vice president, male and female secretary and a male and female treasurer. These will be supported by committees and sub-committees with responsibilities in areas deemed necessary by the executive. As the ARI develops a steering committee will be formed which will call a general meeting where democratically elected members will constitute the ARI central executive which will draft a constitution which will then govern the ARI.

Each African Redemption Centre ( ARC) will essentially reflect the design and mandate of the central executive but with allowances which can accommodate the local realities and considerations. The ARI’s central executive will have oversight of all the ARC and all the centres combined will effectively constitute the ARI. While each ARC will be allowed reasonable levels of autonomy, the central executive will have the duty to ensure openness accountability and transparency.

African Redemption Centres (ARC)

Initially, a centre will be set up in each of the five regions within Africa and one in the African Diaspora. Eventually we hope to have centres in each African nation, all across the African Diaspora and ultimately wherever necessary. These centers will be designed to be self-sustaining and shall be operated as social intervention and renewal centres with a specific youth focus. They will have facilities, projects and programmes to meet the objectives of the ARI.


Some of these are:

• Conference Centres

• Information Technology Units

• Entrepreneurial Centres

• Life Long Learning Centres

The ARI intends to harmonize its work with the African Union, United Nations and individual Nation States in enhancing a sustainable development for Africa and Africans while contributing to the welfare of all humanity. We hope to gradually coordinate our objectives and methodologies with those of all ethnic, cultural and faith-based entities that are committed to African development. In this connection, we hope to be able to work within the inter-faith movement and with the United Nations vision of 2011, which it designated as the International Year for People of African Descent (IYPAD). Also, we intend to consolidate any gains that these synergies will generate and to use them as pivots for providing momentum and sustaining our developmental work for Africa.

Finally, we hope that these efforts will serve as a catalyst which will result in Africa gaining membership within the Permanent Security Council of the United Nations, since most of the UN's challenges are African centered or African related.

Our Mission is African Redemption

The African Redemption Initiative is spearheaded by Yasus Afari and an international network of colleagues and associates who are committed to the development, ‘inity’(unity) and redemption of Mama Africa.

Updates on the African Redemption Tour will be made available as they develop.

Kindly feel free to indicate your interest and suggestions.


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