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"YASUS AFARI represents the immortal vision of the ancient future, stimulating the revolutionary will to conquer poverty, ignorance, and injustice, by releasing positive vibrations in harmony with words, sounds and power. Deeply rooted in his Rastafarian beliefs, Yasus Afari is one of Jamaica's national treasures".

"Yasus Afari is a Dub Poet, Author, Philosopher and Reggae Artiste of unprecedented insight and inspiration, and international renown. This international reggae/Rastafari ambassador has received numerous awards and accolades, and has been featured by many publications, including Billboard Magazine. He produces his own music as well as tat of other artistes and has produced several ground breaking and successful stage shows. His annual poetic showcase is called "Poetry in Motion" celebrating Jamaica's rich poetic heritage". Groundings - St Michael's Theological College - July 2011

 Whaa Gwaan ?  


The Poets of Jamaica presented the inaugural staging of the annual JAMAICA POETRY FESTIVAL at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre on Sunday August 14th, 2011.

This historic initiative was spearheaded by Yasus Afari, supported by Mutabaruka and other Poets in association with JIIC, JCDC, Visual Vibe, Mona Graphic Printers & Fontana Pharmacy, as well as other friends and supporters of Poetry.

The Jamaica Poetry Festival consisted of family friendly Poetry and Story Telling Workshops between 10am and  2pm. There will be display booths, face painting, portrait creations and other interesting attractions.The night time session will begsn at 7pm and featured a very varied array of national and  international poets and a special invited guests. Check Whaa Gwaan?

Special Guest - Macka Diamond

DJ Macka Diamond was special guest selected to encourage and inspire social responsibility through the Cultural Arts, as well as to support her literary efforts and to build and extend an artistic bridge between Reggae-Dance Hall and Poetry.

Tribute to Miss Lou, Marcus Garvey & Mikey Smith

Thehistoric staging of the very first Jamaica Poetry Festival paid a very special tribute to three of Jamaica's outstanding Poets; Marcus Garvey, Miss Lou and Mikey Smith. This tribute is now set as an annual feature of the Jamaica Poetry Festival in which different poets will be celebrated annually. Interestingly and quite significantly, Marcus Garvey's birthday is on August 17th, the date on which Mikey Smith was fatally stoned in Stony Hill and Miss Lou's birth day is on September 7th.

The Jamaica Poetry Foundation

The inaugural staging of the JAMAICA POETRY FESTIVAL was instrumental in the development of the Jamaica Poetry Foundation and the Jamaica Poetry Fund which will assist in the growth and development of Poetry in Jamaica as well as the development of the Literary Arts in general. The Jamaica Poetry Foundation will be governed by a board of directors which will comprise of most of the poets who were instrumental in the inaugural staging of the festival.

International Guest

nternational guest poet was the Canadian based Melissa 'The Mad Poet' Dean who is a very dymanic and hard working poet with Jamaican roots.

The vibrant and renewed Cultural and Literary Arts in Jamaica as is evident in the growth and development of  the very exciting and timely JAMAICA POETRY FESTIVAL as we "Write and Chant Jamaican".

Bless it and set it

With Honour, Love and  Poetry


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