YASUS AFARI's new CD "AncientFuture" is now available - featuring YASUS AFARI in combination with: Toots and the Maytals, Benjamin Zephaniah, Black Uhuru, King Kapisi, Smudge, Nixti and the Dub Viijaan band among others. It  features tracks such as "Hard and Tuff" and "Black Majik" (see links below) as well as another classic "Guide I and I Oh Jah Rastafari".

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Black Majik link: Smudge Music


Hard and Tuff link:


"AncientFuture" is available both digitally and physically - so stay tuned for updates!

UPCOMING EVENTS - Officially in the JAMAICA 50 Programme 2012

"AncientFuture" Launch and Listening Party April 30th - BOOKOPHILIA, 92 Hope Road, Kingston

THE POMEDY SHOW May 26th - Wexford Court Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica

THE POMEDY SHOW July 28th - Toronto, Canada - venue details to be posted

THE JAMAICA POETRY FESTIVAL August 12th - Louise Bennett Garden Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica

THE POMEDY SHOW Sept 14th - UTECH, Kingston, Jamaica

THE POMEDY SHOW Fri Oct 19th - The Drum Birmingham UK

THE POMEDY SHOW Sat 27th Oct - Colston Hall, Bristol UK

THE POMEDY SHOW  Friday 2 Nov - Broadway Theatre, Catford, London UK

THE POMEDY SHOW  Sat 3rd Nov - Hudwari Centre, Huddersfield UK

THE POMEDY SHOW Fri 9th Nov - Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton UK




For details and updates on THE POMEDY SHOW visit www.pomedy.com



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